Ecogenica 215L Commercial Split Heat Pump

ecogenica 215l commercial heat pump
  • ecogenica 215l commercial heat pump

Ecogenica 215L Commercial Split Heat Pump


  • EG-215FREC
  • Tank Capacity 215L
  • Electric Supply: 220-240V
  • Heating Rating: 3150W
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • System Dimensions:
  • Tank Size: 1815*510
  • Heat pump size (Outdoor Unit): 545*780*276
  • Configuration: Split System
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Enhancing Commercial Efficiency: The Ecogenica 215L Heat Pump Advantage

The Ecogenica heat pump 215l is a robust and efficient solution tailored for small to medium-sized commercial settings. Designed to meet the specific needs of businesses, this commercial hot water heat pump provides a reliable, cost-effective means of supplying hot water.

With the capacity to seamlessly integrate into various commercial operations, the Ecogenica 215L utilizes advanced heat pump technology to optimize energy use and reduce operational costs.

This model is particularly suitable for businesses looking to improve their sustainability profiles and capitalize on heat pump rebates.

In today's eco-conscious market, the Ecogenica 215l makes a compelling case for businesses aiming to decrease their environmental impact while maintaining high standards of operational efficiency.

The unit is designed to deliver high performance, offering substantial savings over traditional water heating methods.

Additionally, the Ecogenica heat pump 215l supports the requirements of a heat pump system for commercial buildings, ensuring compliance with both current and future energy efficiency regulations.

Advanced Technology for Superior Efficiency

The Ecogenica 215L incorporates state-of-the-art technology that enhances its efficiency far beyond that of traditional water heaters.

This technology ensures that energy consumption is minimized while maximizing heat transfer, making it ideal for businesses focused on reducing operational costs and enhancing their green credentials.

Tailored to Fit Small Spaces

Understanding that commercial spaces are valuable, the Ecogenica 215l is designed with a compact footprint.

This makes it perfect for businesses with limited space, allowing them to implement an efficient hot water solution without sacrificing valuable area. Despite its size, it delivers the robust performance needed to handle the demands of daily commercial use.

Eco-Friendly Operations

Choosing the Ecogenica heat pump 215l means opting for an environmentally friendly solution that supports your business' sustainability goals.

By reducing carbon emissions and energy use, this commercial hot water heat pump contributes to a healthier planet while helping your business meet CSR objectives and qualify for green certifications.


The Ecogenica 215L is equipped with advanced thermal storage capabilities, ensuring a steady and reliable supply of hot water during peak demand times in commercial environments.

The Ecogenica 215L is designed with low maintenance needs in mind, requiring only periodic checks and routine cleanings to maintain optimal performance and efficiency.

Yes, the Ecogenica 215L is engineered to perform effectively in a variety of climate conditions, including colder environments, thanks to its robust design and advanced heat pump technology.

The Ecogenica 215L includes multiple safety features such as overheat protection, pressure relief valves, and anti-freeze settings to ensure safe operation under all conditions.

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