Heat Pump Installation-Photo Checklist Essentials

Thank you for choosing HiTech Hot Water for your hot water system replacement. To facilitate a smooth installation of your new heat pump, we request that you submit photos and videos of your existing system and the installation area. These visuals help us identify any potential challenges and prepare effectively. Please ensure your photos are well-lit and clear. Below are specific details on the types of photos needed:

Existing Hot Water System

Capture the entire system, showing the brand and model. Taking a complete photo of your existing hot water system is crucial for assessing the scope of installation for your new heat pump.

Ensure the image clearly displays the brand and model information to help verify compatibility and streamline the preparation process.

This comprehensive view assists our installation team in understanding the space requirements and any potential adjustments needed before installing the new system.

Compliance Plate

Photograph the data plate for model and serial numbers. Understanding the specifics of your current system is crucial for a compatible and efficient upgrade.

The compliance plate on your existing unit contains essential information like the model number and energy rating.

A clear photo of this plate helps us ensure that your new heat pump matches the specifications required for optimal performance, minimizing any installation issues.

Service Connections

Include images of water, gas (if applicable), and electrical connections. Properly capturing the service connections is vital for preparing the installation site.

Detailed images of the water, gas (if applicable), and electrical connections will help our installation team prepare the necessary tools and materials ahead of time. This step is critical to avoid any delays during the installation process, ensuring a swift and smooth setup.

Surrounding Area

Show the area around the current system and the proposed site for the heat pump. Choosing the right location for your new heat pump is about more than just space.

It involves considering factors such as ventilation, proximity to power sources, and potential environmental exposures.

Proposed Location

Photos of the proposed area provide our team with a visual context to offer recommendations or adjustments for optimal installation and performance efficiency.

Electrical Panel

Photograph the electrical panel that will power the heat pump. Photographing the electrical panel that will power the heat pump is essential to ensure that the installation adheres to safety standards and electrical requirements.

This image helps verify that the existing electrical infrastructure can support the new heat pump and identifies any upgrades that might be necessary.

Clear photos allow our technicians to assess the circuit capacity and confirm that everything is up to code, ensuring a safe and efficient setup for your new system.

Access Points

Provide images or videos of paths the installers will use. Providing images or videos of the access paths that the installers will use is critical to ensuring a seamless installation.

Clear visuals help our team understand the layout and any potential hurdles they may encounter, from narrow passageways to obstacles that might block large equipment.

This preparation allows us to plan effectively, ensuring that the installation day goes smoothly without unexpected complications.

Your attention to capturing detailed access routes significantly aids in efficiently delivering and setting up your new heat pump.

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